Frequently Asked Questions

      1. You may be looking to hire a wedding entertainer for just a few hours or your complete wedding day. The price you pay to have them entertain your guests will depend on their individual fee, the duration of time you want them to perform at your wedding, and any other conditions you or the artiste may have. Entertainment costs can be as little as £150 or as much as £15,000 depending on your requirements and your budget. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options.
      2. There are an incredible number of different options to consider when you’re looking for ways to entertain your wedding guests. You can hire singers, dancers, musicians, live bands, comedians, magicians, singing waiters, DJs, tribute acts, caricaturists, comedy performers and even casino tables to name just a few! To help you find the perfect entertainment for your wedding, the majority of artiste pages contain video clips, photos, audio clips, song lists, reviews and information about them.
      3. Always the sooner the better, that way you know you have what you really want. Anywhere from 3 years away to 2 days before your special day, we will do our best to find the right wedding entertainment for you.
      4. We have extensive contacts within the entertainment industry, which gives us the ability to source any type of entertainer and have a first class reputation that is recognised by our numerous clients and the entertainers who work for us.
        We offer a personal, professional service, dealing with all enquiries in a prompt and efficient manner. We aim to provide our clients with the best entertainment, considering all of their requirements and budget.
        Sometimes people book artistes directly expecting that it is cheaper to do so, however we provide artistes with bookings on a regular basis and therefore we are able to negotiate very competitive prices. We would point out that a direct booking with an artiste may not be contracted, which could lead to the possibility of them cancelling to accept another booking, therefore by booking through a recognised agency it not only means you receive the best advice, but also the backup service should there be any unexpected problems.
      5. We will discuss the timings with you as part of your enquiry. Once determined, the start and finish times, as well as arrival time and performance times, will be printed on your booking contract. Performance times vary depending on the type of act booked, however most music acts will perform 2 x 45 minute sets as standard.
      6. When you make a booking with you have the security and peace of mind of dealing with a professional company. Upon confirming your booking with us, you will receive a legally binding contract showing full terms and conditions.
      7. Although this is understandable, it isn’t always possible. Our artistes perform at many weddings and functions throughout the UK but many of these are private and so are not open to the public. All of the artistes on this website have been chosen carefully. They are reliable and of the highest quality.
      8. Upon making a booking with us, we request a deposit of 15% of the total booking cost, to be made by BACS or Cheque. The remaining balance can be paid in a couple of ways depending on the act booked and this is agreed at the time of booking; some are comfortable with payment on the night and others request full payment prior to your event. All payments are held in our Client Account until after your wedding has taken place, as required by English Law, when the payment will then be sent to the artiste.
      9. We understand that sometimes things don’t go quite as you planned, and you may need to cancel your booking. Cancellations must be made in writing via email or over the phone by speaking to one of our team. Some bookings will be subject to cancellation charges which will be printed on your contract terms and conditions.
      10. This is unlikely, but as your booked entertainment is a human being, this cannot be ruled out completely. We will request evidence from the artiste, such as a doctor’s note/breakdown report for example. We do however have a brilliant, diverse catalogue of artistes and contacts, along with a wealth of experience to find a replacement artiste of similar level if the need arises. On the day of your event, a member of our team will be on standby to do everything possible to try and resolve an issue that may occur with your booking; they are just a phone call away.
      11. Once your live entertainment is booked, you can get in touch with us at any time to update us with further information about your special day. We will make sure that your chosen entertainer has all the information they need before your wedding day, however, if required we can arrange for you to speak directly with them a few weeks prior to your wedding.
      12. Every act is different but most acts will use their own sound and lighting equipment, so allow approximately 90 minutes set up time for singers and live bands, assuming that entry and access to the stage area is straightforward. Performance space requirements also vary depending on number of musicians. Please ask for further information on this.
      13. After their performance has finished, please allow approximately 1 hour, assuming that entry and access from the stage to the loading area is straightforward.
      14. Each act is different and so are the requirements of each wedding venue. If you are looking for a band with instruments such as a drum kit, you must appreciate that for good sound quality the levels need to match a live drum kit but also maintain a practical volume. It is your responsibility to check if your venue has a sound limiter as this can be very influential to the equipment an artiste may bring with them. Any artiste reserves the right to cancel the performance should the sound-limiting device be set at an unreasonably low level, however by working together with the artiste and your venue prior to your wedding day, this shouldn’t happen. Please speak to us about this if you have any concerns.
      15. As standard, a secure, private room where the artiste can change and store any costumes is required, along with very close-by parking, which must be free of charge. We ask that all acts are supplied with a free supply of soft drinks for the duration of their stay with you. For bookings of over three hours, the act may require a hot meal to be provided. Many acts will be more than happy with joining in with the evening food (Buffet/BBQ etc).
      16. All of the artistes are very flexible as to where they are happy to perform. Please tell us the location you wish to hire them for and we can advise on suitability.
      17. Yes, but it must be stressed that the artiste is not a DJ and cannot take requests for this.
      18. The artistes will only consider performing a requested song if it is pre-arranged at the time of booking. Most artistes will offer to learn your first dance song at no additional cost. However, if you wish for them to learn other requests not contained within their repertoire, a fee will be added on, usually per track, to cover their time and any rehearsal costs involved.
      19. All of the Artistes take safety seriously, therefore copies of their Public Liability Insurance and Electrical Equipment PAT Certificates should be available from them upon request.
      20. Generally, the artistes are happy to travel to any destination in the UK and the majority of Europe, subject to travel and accommodation being suitably funded by the hirer.
      21. Unless written permission is given by the act prior to the event, no one attending the event is permitted to touch or use any equipment at any time, due to the fragility and value of the equipment. There is usually not a problem for microphones to be used for speeches, however this still must be agreed with the act prior to the event.